19 Things you can’t believe exist

In 2014 there really are some things you can’t believe actually exist! Somebody had to invent them for a reason, but we’re just not that sure what those reasons are! Have a scroll down at some really bizarre inventions!

1. Unicorn meat. In a can.

2. Dancing with cats

3. The gift of nothing

4. Catholic salt and pepper shakers

5. Jesus Action Figure

6. How to traumatize your children

7. The big colouring book of vaginas

8. Stray shopping carts

9. Baby ornament

10. Hairy leggings

11. Golf bathroom mat

12. A Beard hat

13. Unicorn cat hat

14. Men's Handerpants

15. Bacon flavoured toothpaste

16. Shoe Umbrellas

17. Emergency inflatable chicken

18. Water balloon Roulette gun

19. Cat bunkbeds