20 people you are going to meet at uni

The first few weeks of university will be full of parties, drinking and socialising fo’ sho’, and although you’re going to meet lots of people that are just like you, and others who are not, we have a list of people you are going to meet at uni – no matter where you go!

1. That sporting type that gets on your nerves

No, I do not want to sign up to the university gym

2. That person that never seems to sleep

3. That girl who talks about her relationship 24/7

4. And that other girl who hates relationships

5. That person who never believes anything you say

6. And the other one who is obsessed with sex

7. Or is always pulling faces

8. That guy that is living in 2005

9. Or feels that life is too hard


10. The hopeless romantic

11. The girl in constant disbelief

12. And that party-girl who shouldn't really be partying

13. The Instagram guy who won't ever stop taking pictures. Ever.

14. The overly-excited girl

15. And that guy who is always asleep in his dorm

16. Or feels socially awkward

17. Very, awkward.

18. Who thinks that he is the man

19. That guy who is obsessed with Christopher Walken

20. Or that person who wants to be your best friend

All of the time. Like, creepily all the time