20 things Fresher’s love about university

Fresher’s week is one of the best times for all students who decide to study at university, and although the next three years may be tough academically, mentally and emotionally, there are lots of things Fresher’s love about uni.

1. Having a deep debate whilst drunk

And knowing you are right

2. Looking good at the SU

3. Judging anyone who you meet

And then telling your friends at home all about them

4. And trying to be the best at everything you do

5. And showing off your special talent or party trick

No matter how obscure it is

6. Pre-drinking with your housemates

And feeling 16 again

7. Knowing the summer you spend learning Beyoncé's moves were worth it

Because you look good right now

8. And you should be getting a Nobel Prize for your twerking ability

9. Feeding your body with cholesterol and saturated fats for two weeks

They are the main food groups aren't they?

10. Shaking off the comments from the haters

11. And knowing your fancy dress costume is the best at the party

12. Crying on the phone to your BFF

Because you both know it would be the best night in history if you were together right now

13. And judging anyone who is showing PDA right now

14. Contemplating a fitness regime because of the student prices of the gym

But not really doing anything about it anyway

15. Knowing you can lock yourself away if you can't handle the 6th night out

Fresher's flu is coming, and it's going to be tough

16. Doing whatever you want, whenever you want

You're not my mum!

17. Knowing your parents are literally leaving

Freedom - here I come!

18. Knowing you are the Freshest around

And not in the literal sense

19. Holding your bank card with your student loan close to you

Because you know how precious it is

20. And the fact that this will be the best adventure of your life

Martin Freeman has nothing on you

What did you enjoy doing during Fresher’s? Let us know in the comments below!