20 things you didn’t expect at uni

Although every student has their own individual experience at university, there are some things that you can and won’t expect at uni, or if they will happen to you at all! Here are some top examples of what to expect at uni when you start this year!

1. You will be rewarding yourself for the smallest of things

2.You might not leave with that First Class Honours that you hoped for

3. There will be a lot of independent learning regardless if you attend or not

4. You won't always be super organised

5. You will do laundry dangerously less often

6. If you wake up late, you will not get a space in the library

7. You will grow up exceedingly fast

And those grey hairs will depress you

8. There will be times when you hate that you are a student

9. University is harder than you think

There are no nice teachers anywhere to help you out all the time, it is all on you

10. You will do nothing on most days

11. You will become cocky in the first term

12. And you'll make up stupid excuses to not go out for the fifth night in a row

13. You'll probably get advice from your parents non-stop

14. You will use alcohol to help you manage each and every emotion

15. You'll become a know-it-all

16. And you'll judge every other student you meet

And then not care anyway

17. You'll have at least one mini breakdown

18. And you'll somehow fly through so many pointless presentations

19. This:

20. And this will be your life for three years

Pasta, cheap vodka, and anything that is reduced.