21 drunk people you can associate with

We have all had too much to drink too often in our lives and even when you are as sober as a poll, you still judge your drunk friends on a night out. However, here are 21 drunk people you can associate with because we’ve all been in these situations!

1. The laughing all the time drunk

2. The drunk who hates everyone

3. The lying drunk

4. The drunk who nobody understands

5. The drunk who turns into a mess

6. The drunk liability

7. The drunk who passes out and misses the best parts of the night

8. The lightweight

9. The drunks who are too loud

10. The promiscuous drunk

11. The wandering drunk

12. The fighting drunk

13. The drunk that doesn't understand anything that is going on

14. The overly affectionate drunk

15. The 'you're my new best friend' drunk

16. The crying drunk

17. The drunk that steals everybody else's alcohol

18. The drunk who wants to tell you all about their life

19. The embarrassing drunk

20. The performer who thinks they're better than they actually are drunk

21. The sick drunk... at the worst times