21 reactions your friend gets when you get into the same uni

Some of you may be receiving your offers already on UCAS Track, and even though the wait has been – or could be continually – awful, here are 21 reactions to when your friend gets accepted to the same uni!

1. Like, seriously?

2. Finger guns

3. The pretend-to-be-annoyed face


5. The type of smile you only see a few times in your lifetime...

6. You'll be as happy as this bunny

7. But maybe it won't be all smiles

8. Disappointment

9. Slight hug

10. Or your sadness will prevail

11. Even some reactions are hard to explain afterwards

12. But nothing beats the awkward silence

13. And then the frustation

14. Or there is utter bafflement

15. And you still don't know how

16. It literally blows your mind

17. And then you start crying again

18. Your plans of a new start are all over

19. You don't know what to do now

20. But then you realise that it's pretty amazing

21. And you decide to celebrate

What will your reactions be if you and your friend got into the same uni? Let us know below!