21 reasons being a student is the best

There is no doubt that everybody is going to tell you that the time you have at university will be the best years of your life! There are many reasons on why being a student is the best, but we have collected some of the top examples to let you know you are making the right decision!

1. You'll have a chance to try out new things

2. You'll get involved in some great events

3. You'll party like it is 1999

Unless you are too young to remember that

4. You'll make best friends

5. You'll have people you can open up to

6. And you'll be able to tell the truth whenever the opportunity comes

7. You'll love any excuse to dress up in costume

8. You'll eat bad food for three years

And love every second of it

9. You'll get on with your housemates really well

10. You'll do things you haven't done before

11. And you'll have nights in with the BFFs

12. And you'll love student loan day

Where you can buy anything and everything and still feel rich

13. You'll be getting a decent education

14. You'll grow up incredibly fast

15. And that might scare you to pieces

16. But you'll distract yourself with university sports

17. And know that you can turn to people when you need help

18. And mingle with everyone in your halls

19. And you'll feel underwhelmed at certain places

20. And you'll hate the thought of going back home when it is finished

21. You will sign up to many societies during Fresher's week

And probably not attend any of them, but the ones you do you'll love