21 Snow sculptures to put your snowman to shame

Whether you were lucky enough to have a white Christmas this year, snow is sometimes inescapable during the winter months and here are our picks of our favourite snow sculptures that put your snowman to shame! Warning: Pictures may make you green with envy!

1. This amazing Sphinx!

2. And this tall dragon

3. The infamous Davey Jones!

4. Or how about this impressive cat and fish bowl scultpure

5. And this woman's face

6. Imagine Hedwig this big!

7. Or if these whales were lifesize?

8. This train sure is!

9. Look at this amazing book coming to life

10. And this elephant family

11. Or how about this mind-boggling sculpture?

12. Now we can't forget the obvious?

13. Who lives in a snow sculptured pineapple above the sea?

14. This child who is rocking this creature!

15. Try making these spikes?

16. Or this massive Darth Vader?

17. The force is strong in this sculpture!

18. Definitely can't miss the opportunity to sculpt the Moomins!

19. And this great Lego piece!

20. For the Pokémon fans out there!

21. And the best until last - the boy-eating-snowman