22 distractions from your student debt

Here are some top distractions from your student debt to allow you to forget to add up how much your degree is costing you. You are welcome!

1. What is happening here?

2. This is just too weird

3. Jack Black in an awesome tie-dye outfit

His outfit is on fleek

4. Yasss darling, yasss

5. This tongue action

6. Ace Ventura at his finest

7. And these people right here having a good time

8. Whatever this contraption is

9. Shia LaBeouf before the breakdown

10. The cutest seal pup in the world

11. Or regular pups!

12. And bunny rabbits

Look at their little paws!

13. And the little paws on this guy

14. An angry penguin

15. A dancing Stingray

16. Where's Wally on Acid

17. A hot body for the bank

18. How you never want to piss off this guy

19. This nose cleansing teapot

Never, ever, think it is a regular teapot

20. Anything to do with Weird Al Yankovic

21. This lawnmower with a mind of its own

22. Or this guy with his amazing talents!