22 exam motivation tips for students

GCSE and A-Level season may nearly be over, however, you might still be in need for exam motivation tips for students to get you through the last hurdle full of exam-conditioned testing.

1. Drink some Tiger blood

And turn into Charlie Sheen

2. Turn to religion

Any will do, there are no judgements here

3. Remind yourself why you are doing this. Constantly.

4. Only allow yourself to Google one weird thing per hour

To keep your endless browsing history down low

5. And tell yourself that you're not as weird as this guy

6. And throw out a swear now and again

Alone. In your bedroom. Quietly. Don't get in trouble.

7. Study other options

To see if this is really what you want to do

8. And let people inspire you

9. Or inspire yourself if that fails

10. Watch your favourite movies to get you in the revision mood

11. And think about where it will get you in the future

12. Admit if you have a problem

13. Get Shia LaBeouf to motivate you

If he can't, then nobody can

14. Distractions are good for you

Especially this post

15. Patrick Stewart will kill you

If you don't finish that essay

16. Again, go to Leo

He knows best

17. Or Ryan if that fails

18. Okay, Zac then

19. No wait, Obama

20. Memes will get you A grades

21. Then go back to Shia LaBeouf

Because he is really weird in this video and it is worth watching 24 times

22. And if all of this doesn't work out, read some quotes until you literally have no more time to screw around

And revise your little butt off!