22 examples of having the worst housemates at uni

Finding out that you have secured a place at halls, or housing during your time at university can be really reassuring, and although you’re not entirely sure who you’ll end up with during first year, we have tips on how you can find out if your neighbours are in fact the worst housemates ever!

1. That girl who eats all your food in the fridge

Even when you put a passive-aggressive post-it note on it

2. You have a morning lecture and they don't and you can't get into the bathroom

3. That housemate that cooks YOUR food in front of you

4. When they don't tidy up after themselves in the communal areas

5. Like they seriously don't

6. Even if they are your best friend, they are really messy

7. Nobody ever likes to take the rubbish out

8. You'll rather no housemates than these ones

9. They do little things to annoy you

10. Or they never listen to your stories

11. And you'll starve instead of having to see them at least once a day

12. Or they're too wild

13. And you thought you were going to be partying all the time

14. When really you just do stupid stuff

15. You may find worrying notes

16.Or pointless notes

17. And you keep forgetting their name so you call them 'mate'

18. And get freaked out when they wear their weird costume all the time

19. And they like to tell you how mature they are over you

20. You know they are doing things behind your back

21. You hate looking into the kitchen incase you get a disease

22. But they always offer you free food so really they're not that bad