22 money saving tips for first years

University teaches students a lot more life-changing information than what is noted in the classroom. We have collected some money saving tips for first years during their time at university.

1. Study at a coffee shop/restaurant with free refills

To keep yourself hydrated with nice drinks during revision, and a chance to study in a different atmosphere

2. Conduct freelance work in your spare time

If you have skills then advertise them! Whether you are talented with computers, writing, proof-reading, tutoring, or creative with music or art, make some extra cash from it!

3. Buy multipacks to save money in the long run

Purchase bigger packs of items that you use often to save money long term

4. Attend free/cheap events at univerrsity

Look for film screenings, art galleries and mingling events at your university

5. Start counting your money in your account and in person every day

If you understand how much you have spent in a day, and in comparison to your budget, it may help you to spend less

6. If family offer to help out - take it

Don't allow pride to get in the way of you eating beans for three weeks straight

7. Cut down on expensive habits

Smoking and drinking a lot is not only expensive but bad for your health!

8. Reduce the amount of money you spend on others

If you can't afford to take your friend out for drinks on their birthday, then don't!

9. Look for competition opportunities around your area

From talent shows, open mic nights and charity events

10. Take advantage of free services before it's too late

If you the right age to obtain free dental, prescriptions and sexual protection then take it!

11. Call your mum often

If your parents are helping you out when you're studying, at least give them a call now and again to keep them sweet!

12. Go to the uni canteen to meet your friends

If you can't afford a meal out every week, then try the university canteen. It may not be Harrods, but it is still a place to go to eat and socialise and is usually dirt cheap!

13. Always check for coupons and vouchers

It will only upset you later,

14. Look at all the deals that come through the door

They can come in handy

15. Get the best out of free trials

REMEMBER to cancel the subscription before the first payment after the trial period is due!

16. Use the library resources instead of buying textbooks new, or even online

17. Car-share with your housemates to uni

Or even travel with them, walk in together or share taxis after a night out. Sharing is caring and will save you money

18. Clean up after yourself

If you keep on top of your mess, you won't have to throw away dishes or kitchenware because of their mould

19. Eat before drinking on a night out

Save money from not going to the kebab van

20. If your parents or a friend can pick you up - take it

Even if it is slight inconvenience to you during the holidays or reading weeks, it will save on you having to pay for your way home alone

21. Always over-budget/overestimate

If you fully count for all bills, payments, direct debits and costs, you will be left with money at the end of the month, instead of not being able to pay something

22. Cook with your housemates

Share the load so that you save on money spend on food. The dorm chipping in for the meal will reduce the amount you pay by a significant amount. Or you each cook on a different night of the week, and you only have to prepare and pay for one cheap meal a week!