22 Things that take you back to your childhood

We all love reminiscing about the past, especially all of the really cool things that happened during the 90s! Here are 22 things that will take you back to your childhood, where the times were much simpler!

1. Having the original Wikipedia - Encarta '95 and feeling like a boss when you learnt something from it

2. Seeing all of your contacts on MSN messenger

- or sending someone a nudge whenever they look too long to respond

3. Playing this game Silent Hill until you were too scared and turned it off!

4. Collecting them all!

5. Watching Keanan and Kel and just accepting his sugar addiction to Orange Soda

6. Playing a fake gameboy whilst in the bath like an OG

7. Or seeing this guy's face when your mum did the shopping

8. And we can't forget great shows like this

9. Or this great game on PS1

10. Everybody had dreams of having the most popular room or winning a modelling competition on Habbo Hotel!

11. But when this guy didn't shut down and you could hear him still talking freaks you out to this day...

12. The great FRIENDS spoof on SMTV couldn't be missed

- and forever wishing your parents would allow you to call up for Wonky Donkey

13. Feeling fed up of your desktop computer not working so doing this on the screen made you feel better

14. Nobody can deny the great Gameboy Colour made our childhoods!

15. Or forget this dog...

16. How happy you were to get everything you needed in a small case

17. And having so many pairs of Barbie shoes which somehow all looked the same

18. Or accepting every responsibility to keep this digital creature alive.. and then not picking it up again for three years

19. Wishing you could go on Jungle Run on CITV so bad!

20. And hoping your mum would finally buy you those stick-on earrings you always wanted

21. Always being so impressed by the graphics of Crash Bandikoot!

22. And finally, having an alien egg and trying to fuse two jelly-like bums together to somehow create a baby...