22 ways to take control over your student loan

Understanding bills, financial responsibilities and direct debits is difficult, especially as all of these adult responsibility is thrusted onto students a few weeks after Fresher’s. However, we want to help you understand how to take control over your student loan and leave university with just the standard amount of debt!

1. Just to ignore it

2. And check your bank statements


3. Don't allow yourself to listen to others' advice about finance

If they are in a worse or similar position

4. Don't let peer pressure get you down

5. And imagine how it can get worse as a self-scare-tactic

6. Give yourself limitations on what you are able to spend

7. And tell yourself no means no

8. Start a shared meal within the house

so that you can all save money

9. Tell someone else about your problems

10. And get yourself out of situations that may cost too much

11. Sit down and see what your spending really means

12. And let all the emotions come out

13. Then tell your nearest and dearest

So you can have all the support and help through this difficult situation

14. Stop daydreaming about money

15. And address the sole reasons for your debt or bad financial situation

16. Make every penny stretch that extra mile

17. And don't lie to yourself

18. Listen to all of those who want to help or to be honest with you

19. And avoid digging your head into the sand

Although let this cute puppy do that

20. Don't give the issue to someone else to deal with

21. And bulk buy the rest of your items to last you longer and to save money

22. And remind yourself that you don't have to spend money to socialise

Your true friends will understand your financial situation anyway!