22 wishes students have about graduation

Passing that degree and walking towards the podium is a big dream for most undergraduate students, and although we believe it will look just like a Hollywood movie, there are some things we wish we could do at graduation to make it that more memorable than any other student memory.

1. Look down at your fellow peers

2. Tell everyone how evil the world is

3. Look as good as The Rock

4. Turn heads with your swag

5. Burst into song

6. Wish you were graduating from Hogwarts instead

7. Be Valedictorian

8. Rock out on stage

9. Attempt to take a graduation photo

10. Tell people who really feel now it is all over

11. Graduate with a celebrity

12. Be remembered

13. Admit that this is the most scared you have ever been

14. To live in the student dream world just for a little bit longer

15. And ignore all the haters

16. Try your hardest to refuse to fall to the ground and cry

17. Ignore the bitches too

18. Have Obama speak at your ceremony

19. Admit that you won't amount to anything

20. Go for a bold fashion style

21. Have a memorable exit that everyone will envy

or maybe not

22. But in the end you'll be pretty happy that you've graduated anyway

What do you wish would happen on your graduation day?