23 things students wish they were doing instead of revision

The list is endless regarding what students wish they were doing instead of revision, but we have compiled the top contenders which may feature on the majority of the lists out there. Read the desires of students below and let us know in the comments if they are in your top ten.

1. Sleeping. Always sleeping.

2. Just letting fate take over

3. Tell people this revision is not happening

4. Get closer to nature

And try to find a massive leaf is a bonus too

5. Sort out the beef you have with your siblings

6. You just wish you could fast forward and be working already

7. Watch every movie Leo has ever appeared in

Even that one that is not for release - it will be a challenge

8. Work on your resting bitch face

To ensure it is utter perfection

9. Discover who you are philosophically

10. Drink the same amount of coffee as the characters from Friends

11. Work on your romance skills

12. Do some crazy stuff. Any crazy stuff instead of those maths notes.

13. Take a break from Technology

14. Or spend more time on technology

15. To run away from all of your problems

16. Or create a new invention

17. Shed tears over your English coursework so you can no longer see it

18. Stay inside and not venture out

19. Make a to-do list about what you need to do

And waste more time not doing those jobs by creating endless lists

20. Start a debate regarding ethical statements

21. Discover your religious side

22. Take a holiday

Even if it is to Primark

23. Just flat out ignore your responsibilities as a young adult

What do you wish you were doing instead of revision?