23 times the Kardashians were just like students

The Kardashians are known for their lifestyle, and what they get up to on a daily basis, however, their activities and outlook on life is similar to a student’s life. We have 23 times the Kardashians were just like students, and right every time.

1. When you get too real with a housemate after a few shots

And everything seems to come out

2. Your dorm mates should be honoured whenever you enter the communal areas

Because your presence is as rare as the perfect diamond

3. Sometimes a look is all that is needed

4. What you tell your dorm mates when you become friends with people in your class

You are like, a totally different person now

5. When you call home to say that you've spent your student loan in 17 days

Look, I can make adult decisions, but not about my finances

6. When that girl that you hardly know starts being sassy in your house

This is my house, biatch

7. You gave him 4 cans of baked beans and he has never offered to return the favour

And they weren't even the Asda SmartPrice ones either

8. Sometimes you just need to get real with the lecturer

9. Or when a fellow student says something stupid in class

Like, why are you talking?

10. Life can get really depressing real quick at university

And you don't hide this either

11. Remember that time you hate your life in the library?

12. Or when someone 'saves' a library spot at uni and isn't there for 2 hours

13. And that person who adds you on social media after one greeting

Woah, give it time.

14. When pre-drinking goes too far and you get too serious

15. When your flatmate gets rude about your Corsa

There is no need. You were only going to Aldi anyway

16. You are optimistic about how long alcohol will last you

When it only lasts for one night

17. The second time you get a 69 grade


18. You start to feel bad when you stole your friend's food...

... and got caught

19. When your housemates cannot understand that you met your soul mate 15 minutes ago at the SU

It. Is. For. Life.

20. Every morning you have a 9am lecture

21. And when you get real about who you care about

22. And that annoying friend who wants to take a selfie every 3 minutes

23. And the 'Monica' dorm mate who moans about the microwave

Get over it, and cook your beans