24 Thoughts on a fresher’s first day at uni

These are the top thoughts that happen on a fresher’s first day at uni, from who they will become to the people they loathe in their dorm.

1. You have plans to get really wild

2. And promise yourself to join every society

3. And that you'll study every single day

4. And probably get homesick and cry a lot

5. And you know you get on with everyone

6. You have told everyone you meet that you will get a first

7. And that you have dance moves that everyone else is jealous of

8. Then you'll realise that some parts of uni is really boring

9. And get angry at yourself for forgetting to bring something

10. And you consider yourself to be independent

Even when you call your mum to ask for money

11. You'll make smart and stupid decisions

12. And feel that you are invicible

13. You believe that you'll be the coolest kid in the dorm

14. And won't hesitate to go retro

15. It doesn't bother you that you've left your parents

16. Because you are making the right decisions

17. You have already met someone that you loathe

18. And feel like you have the power to make your own society

19. You have already decided what take away you're having that night

20. And how to win your first argument with your dorm mates

21. As well as winning Mr/Miss Congeniality

22. You knew bringing your car to uni was a mistake

23. And have YouTube'd every single student hack you'll ever need to know

24. You have already decided that university has it's ups and downs

But you love it anyway!

What do you want to happen on your first day at uni?