25 things that happen when you pre-drink at uni

Going out on the town is always successful when you decide to have a pre-drink at uni, and there are things that are guaranteed to happen to most students during this messy activity!

1. That friend that peaks too soon

2. That other friend that can't down a drink quick enough

3. Or gets too excited for shots

4. And all you care about is the alcohol

5. Always having something to toast about

Even if it is about the alcohol itself

6. You pretend you are a connoisseur just to get the drink you want

7. And in the end you'll down anything to get you drunk

8. Or have a fishbowl by yourself

9. You and your friends are dressed to impress

10. And most of your attempts fail

Mostly due to the alcohol

11. And that one person who smuggles a surprise in

12. You consider yourself the barkeep for the night

13. Whilst your friends encourage you to down your drink

14. Any time of day is pre-drinking time

15. And your moves were on point

16. And you'll pour drink into anything if you can drink it

17. You will mix anything if it changed the aftertaste

18. And smokers will make up for lost time

19. Whilst any gathering becomes a party

20. And you can never remember how you drank all the vodka

21. You'll remember that one guy you don't really know being weird

22. And partying in small spaces

But not caring

23. Or that you think you are the King or Queen of pre-drinking

24. Even if it feels like you died the night before

25. And regardless of all the points above, you do it again and again