25 ways students really procrastinate

No university deadline would be as fun, nerve-wrecking and adrenaline-fuelled if a student hadn’t procrastinated for three weeks prior to the due date. Coursework seems to be completed faster when you know you have to spend an entire night at the library with a can of Red Bull as your only social interaction. Here are the best ways students really procrastinate at university to become true experts of the art form.

1. Spend too much time freaking out

2. Maybe rip up your notes in frustration

3. And find that your study playlist is just too good

4. And that your notes are not actually that helpful

5. You try to read both pages at once

But actually find out you are retaining even less information

6. Try to create a cool video with your friends

7. Or learn a new language

8. Or work on your twerking skills

9. And do anything to avoid the library

10. Or drinking coffee

Lots and lots of coffee

11. Or making any snack you can

Just to not write that paragraph

12. Look for new ways to get fit

13. Or to just take multiple naps throughout the day

14. And then tell your dorm mates to keep the noise down

As you binge watch the entire Friends boxset

15. And spend too much time working on your outfit for the next day

16. Or let your friends convince you to go out on the town

17. Or create some drama in the groupchat

By throwing some real shade

18. Or just try out some weird stuff

19. Maybe laugh hysterically at that picture your friend tagged you in on Facebook

20. And see if anyone notices that you're accomplishing nothing

21. And so you discuss the meaning of life and education with your friends

22. And see how your family is doing back home

23. Ask your study buddy for tips on how to finish your essay

Even though they are doing a completely different degree to you

24. Then you wonder what it would be like to be a hybrid with an animal

25. Or attempt to solve the World's problems

And realise you would make a pretty decent World leader

How do you like to procrastinate when it comes to studying at university?