26 diva moments students have at university

Becoming an undergraduate student at university offers many opportunities to become a fully fledged adult who accepts their responsibilities, however, there may be times when those diva moments take over. Read through our list of pure student diva moments below and let us know in the comments if you’ve done them!

1. When you click your fingers after your sassy comment

Yassss, Darling, Yasssss

2. And you then applaud your witty comback

3. You refuse to drink the dirty pint

Even when you lost and it is totally your turn

4. You tell your friends you only drink vodka and redbull

No other mixer is allowed

5. You declare you are the best dancer of the group

6. And don't whisper that insult quiet enough

But you don't really care anyway

7. You ask this question in front of everyone

Because you already know the answer

8. You know you deserve a grand entrance

because you are at 100 right now

9. You state you had the best outfit out of your squad

10. And you don't allow shade to be thrown at you

11. You start all the fashion trends on campus

12. And you can't have anyone in your life that doesn't allow you to be you

13. Or lets you have your dramatic moments

14. And you know that you shine brighter than anyone else

15. Or you'll just leave the room

16. Especially if you don't win the dance off

17. Only you can approve the pre-drinking game

18. And what picture goes on Facebook and Instagram

Don't even think about tagging before confirmation

19. You are at all of the press opportunities

Because you are the best qualified to represent

20. You state what the drunk discussion will be about

21. And what fight is worth it and with what frenemy

22. And you'll never waste MAC foundation unless absolutely necessary

Do you know how much that costs?

23. And you get annoyed if no one agrees with the compliment you give to yourself

24. And can't understand why people get upset when you tell them what you think of them

Honesty is the best policy isn't it?

25. You prefer to walk into the club first

To show off your ANTM walk you've been practising for 9 years

26. And you must know what everyone else is wearing

So nothing is clashing or being repeated

We all have our diva moments throughout our lives but they can happen quite a lot at university. What diva moments did you have as a student?