26 regrets student’s have when packing for uni

What to decide to take to university can be really tough, especially when you are extremely excited by the sense of freedom and identity. However, make sure you avoid these mistakes when packing for uni or it make the ordeal more difficult than it needs to be!

1. Ensuring your cat didn't sneak into your case

2. Asking your parents when you can come home before you have even left

3. Not organising your packing strategy

Will make it more difficult to pack into one car!

4. Start packing too soon

5. Start to feel unsure about where you belong

You can have two homes!

6. Begin to cry when you start packing your room up

It will only take longer!

7. Okay, really sobbing

8. Or get angry at your mum for telling you that you are packing too much

9. Let your family help you pack

When they will just make it one big mess

10. Or to listen to their advice

11. Attempt to do it all in one day

12. Not be honest with your family at what you're bringing

It will only come out in the end anyway!

13. Make silly decisions about what to take out

Because you might really need it

14. Not have a checklist

15. Allow your siblings to tell you horror stories

16. Or a ferret into your packing materials

Okay, this one isn't that common

17. Not to be responsible when it comes to vaccum bags

18. Act as if it is a back -up plan

19. Let someone else do all the work

They won't let you forget it either

20. Leave on bad terms!

21. State that you're not going to do anything about it

22. Let yourself get distracted

Stay focused and get the jobs done!

23. Exercise equipment

Nobody needs this, or even has room for it in their uni room!

24. Pack lots of things that are the same

25. Try to fit things into small packages

26. But you should be honest with yourself with your space, uni room and necessities

Don’t go overboard when packing, but also don’t deny yourself luxuries that can aid you feeling comfortable and settled in to your new surroundings!