27 satisfying ways to not survive a gap year

During the final year at school, or college when the conversations regarding the future fly around your friendship group, the words gap year will probably be mentioned at least once. A gap year is a break that students decide to take between levels of education, usually between A-Levels and undergraduate degrees. You’ll hear about amazing plans regarding gap years abroad, or individuals working internships at well-known companies and you probably won’t want to state that your reasoning to wait a year before starting university is to work, save money, and most likely, because you’re not ready to grow up yet. Here are the top satisfying ways to not survive a gap year!

1. Doing what everyone tells you to do

Don't try to jam everything that people tell you to do on your gap year - it won't fit!

2. Try to act older after three months

3. Believe you will earn all you need for your degree

You won't survive the gap year thinking about your debt which is definitely coming to you

4. Going out the house only once

I guess you could say it was a successful gap year though

5. Hating on spending time with your uni friends

You've changed man, you've changed.

6. Wondering where all of your friends have gone

Just ignore their Facebook posts

7. Stop believing you'll become an internet sensation

8. Cease second guessing how you gap year is working out

9. Allowing your uni friends to tell you how life really is

They're still man-children!

10. Breaking down at how your life hasn't changed in the last 6 months

11. Working out that you'll still won't pay off your loans

12. Growing a beard that is longer than your work experience

13. Reading up on conspiracy theories instead of doing an internship

14. Forgetting everything you have learned beforehand

15. Bringing up your gap year at every opportunity

16. Screaming at your employer for a raise

17. Putting on a fake laugh when your friends call you

Yes, we all know how much fun you're having at university...

18. Only satisfying your mother's wishes

19. Allow the gap year to last longer than you

20. Putting everything about your gap year on Facebook

21. When you're 1 week into your gap year and you no accomplishments

22. Spending your time memorising memes

Is the meming of life, a meme?

23. Spending your entire year on a protein diet

Just, no.

24. Spending your time contemplating life's important questions

25. Wallow in self pity over the jobs you can't get until after uni

26. Believing you won't amount to anything

27. Answering every question regarding your gap year with - NO!

No, mum I haven't applied for university... No, dad I haven't 'found' myself yet!

How are you planning to not survive a gap year?