29 things every student does on a gap year abroad

All of the cool kids out of college and sixth form are choosing to take a gap year abroad to ‘discover’ themselves before they party through their degrees. No matter how hard they try to have a unique experience overseas, all students tend to do the same things on a gap year abroad.

1. Get angry and sulk in front of your friend

2. Lay on the beach with the gang

Which you convince yourself is not like a 'normal' holiday, it is a gap year.

3. Get too excited for the trip before you go

Facebook updates are too frequent

4. Tell yourself you're just going to relax

When really this is the last thing you'll do

5. Spend too long taking holiday shots

6. Try to conquer Mother Nature

And failing miserably

7. Create some drama, live the drama and hate the drama

8. Tell yourself you're doing it to get away from stress

9. Drink until you turn into a child

10. Buy a GoPro camera

Of course

11. Run towards the flight

As you're too busy posting a status update to hear the last boarding call

12. Pack way too much

For your 'minimalist' adventure

13. Complete so many things from your bucket list

14. Drink all day in the sun

15. And then realise this is how you actually look like

16. Flirt with the sexy natives

17. Look down at anyone who isn't on a gap year abroad

Because you are now superior

18. Live the life you've always dreamed of

Without any responsibilities or parents

19. Impress the fellow tourists

With your mad skillz

20. Show your friends your holiday snaps and look as good as this

21. Barely being able to describe your experiences

22. Think you look OG

23. When in reality you don't

24. Not thinking through your life choices at all

25. Pretend you're doing things other people don't

26. Although you are just like every other tourist

27. Realise you have spent all of your money in the first week

And you're going to have to call your parents for extra cash

28. Push boundaries with everyone that you know

29. Decide you're going to live abroad for the rest of your life

Although, you run out of money and then come to terms that you have to go back to your boring life.

What do you want to do on your gap year abroad?