29 thoughts students in the library have for the first time

Students in the library have many thought processes besides those that refer to their coursework, here are the top things students think about when they enter the library for the first time.

1. What will happen if you take a phone call in the 'No Mobile Phones area'

2. Hating life so much when the library has signs like this up

As if it makes it any better to study

3. Wondering why your library doesn't look like this

4. Or have sections like these

5. Or students doing this

6. Or why you don't look this good searching the Academic Journal

7. Having to hear people whispering next you

8. Or when people walk all the way to the 'free' desk to see that it's been saved

9. Knowing people are judging you, your laptop and your pens

10. Then you wonder why there are so many computer desks when everyone has a laptop

11. When you see someone you know at the library

Now, nobody thinks you are the loser that you definitely are

12. Every five minutes at the library

13. When you forget to renew your library books

14. Every 10 minutes in the library

15. What you believe the librarians think when they see you

16. Every. Day,

17. Every time you try to sneak in food

18. Or when that guy next you has music on so loud with his headphones on

19. The fact that you go to the library to use eBooks...

20. You kid yourself that going to the library actually makes you smarter

When really you just eat Haribo, scroll through Facebook and text your friends about how bored you are at the library

21. when you check how much time has passed and it has only been 4 minutes

22. Sometimes the solution is never visible

23. There is always that weirdo

24. Or the fact that you feel that you miss everything that goes on because you're studying in the library

25. This is what you thought studying was like

26. And you couldn't believe how many books there actually was

27. When your classmates suggest going into that building

Can't we just, not?

28. When you think that the library is great... until you get charges

And you need another student loan just to cover them

29. I guess the library is pretty cool