29 times first years loved living at uni

First years have a lot to look forward to, from Fresher’s week to meeting people from all walks of life, but one of the things that first years love is living at uni and having that ultimate sense of freedom that comes with it.

1. Having Fresher's week before you start your course

2. Trying to reinvent yourself

3. Maybe trying to accomplish a world record

4. And find a new place to call home for three years

5. Or even finding members for your squad

6. And not having to walk your pets anymore

Even though you love them more than life

7. Not having to make up excuses to your mum anymore

8. Or concealing your emotions

Just let it out and cry in your own private room

9. And not having to be involved in family disputes

10. Changing your hairstyle without your mum's disapproval

It'll grow back before term has ended anyway

11. Turn your room into a rehearsal space

12. And acting like a child whenever you can

13. Playing too much video games because you can

14. Feeling good knowing your younger sibling is still at home

And has no freedom whatsoever.

15. Not having to deal with weird family relatives

Because you are too far away to care now

16. Try out new dance moves

Knowing you rock them

17. Testing out those recipes from the joke student cookbook that was bought for you

And realising it is actually really helpful.

18. Spending hours watching cat videos on YouTube

Because who doesn't do this when they have freedom?

19. Drinking every night.

Seriously, every night of Fresher's week

20. And hurting yourself more than your mum will ever know

21. Falling asleep at any time of day

Mostly due to the Sambuka shots you had the night before

22. Getting angry whenever you want

And nobody will care

23. Knowing you can go home if you wanted to

24. Not having to hide your fears from your parents

You can keep the light on all night at university

25. Throwing up from the dirty pint

Because you make bad life decisions now apparently

26. And allowing your new found friends to 'look' after you

Well, as much as they can bare

27. Choosing the sleeping pattern that suits you

And your student nights out best

28. Telling people what you think of them

They'll be too drunk to understand anyway

29. And feel good knowing you can ring home for sympathy any time of day

Mum will always be there and she always knows best.

Starting your undergraduate course is great fun but the best thing that Fresher’s love is living at university and gaining their freedom, what did you love about living at university when you started your course?