29 times students can’t actually afford uni

Even though university is quite expensive, we are privileged to have the opportunity to apply for student loans and tuition loans to fund our higher education ambitions. Regardless of how mega-rich student loan day makes every student feel three times a year, there are times that it feels that you can’t actually afford uni.

1. When you wake up the morning after the night before

You realise you really cannot afford this student lifestyle everyone seems to love

2. You add up all of your student loans and overdrafts

And think about the repayments

3. When your mum asks you how your student budget is going

And how much you have stuck to it since Fresher's Week

4. When paying off that overdraft is so close yet so far

Why are those shots at SU so cheap?!

5. When you try to dig yourself out of your debt

6. You wonder if signing the Student Loan Declaration was a good idea

7. And you think you made a good, decent and adult decision

8. You wish you had someone there at all times by your side

To stop you from doing stupid decisions and to break your bank card in half

9. You start day dreaming about actually sticking to your budget

And then realise you can't do this

10. Then you get really creative on how to raise funds

11. And you wish your friends weren't there all the time

To influence you to spend too much money

12. And then it hits you

13. And you dread to receive the letters

14. And daydream about sending aggressive letters to the pope

If it helped to pay off your student overdraft before the fees start piling up after graduation

15. But you dance your debts away on the student night at the club

16. And know you can just ignore those debt repayments for now

17. And wonder if there was a higher power telling you to do this irresponsible things

18. And you wonder if your education is even worth this amount of money

19. And maybe you have a little cry

And wish you could cry gold

20. And realise what this all means

21. And how your parents told you you should go to university

22. As if it would create a better life for yourself

23. And the consequences of a degree really mean

24. Especially when they refused to help you out with your food shopping

25. You try to invent ways to make money, like becoming a blogger

26. So you then decide to ignore the fact you are a student and live like a king

27. Even though the reminders are everywhere around you

28. But you do value your education

29. Regardless of how much it does cost

And how much your soul is worth

Have you ever wondered how many times you’ll think to yourself that you can’t actually afford university? Well here is the list!