30 things every student does with their housemates

Meeting your new dormmates is great fun during those first few weeks at university, and here are the top things that ever student will find that they do with their new found housemates!

1. You'll be told to keep your part of the fridge clean

2. And be over-complimented

3. And then it is mentioned that you need to love alochol

Which is fine because you already do!

4. You'll get pranked until you cry

Or until you prank them back better!

5. And looked after when out on the town

6. You'll piss one of them off for sure

7. And convince someone to bulk buy

Mostly as you can them borrow (steal) some

8. An argument will occur surrounding the mess

9. And you'll end up spilling the beans at one point

10. You'll be too honest on occasion

11. And have a special party trick which is in fact, too tricky to do

12. Become BFFs with your next door neighbour

13. And end up partying three nights on a row at least

14. You will definitely judge someone else's room

15. And feel smug if you're the first one in the dorm

16. You will probably hurt yourself at one point too

17. And have to help you your naked roommate

18. Attempt to score

19. And forget how to clean up after yourself

20. Argue about food - and who stole it

21. Avoid confrontation because you know you did something wrong

22. Or because you think you're right

23. Mention your 'skills' as often as you can

Until someone asks for a demonstration

24. Wake up confused in the middle of the night

25. You will feel like your room as become No Man's Land

26. And that you'll always have a bestie to back you up at all costs

27. You will crave power

28. Suddenly regret a decision

29. And try to avoid that creepy guy in the dorm that always wants to talk to you

30. As well as find a good snuggle buddy to binge watch OITNB