35 University myths every student believes

When students start thinking about attending university, they start researching certain aspects of the student lifestyle and have conversations with their friends. During these events university myths start to fly around and you’ll believe that obtaining a degree is either really hard, really easy or really expensive. Most information about university is true, except for the really outrageous statements. Read through the common university myths below to find out what it really is like to go to uni!

1. That you need lots of money to go to university

2. That you won't be able to pay for all of your bills

3. That it is really easy to get into university

4. That you will become a sex god

5. You'll realise first year means nothing

6. That you have to buy everything before you go

7. That you'll create a lot of enemies

8. You'll meet rich arseholes

9. You'll spend the rest of your life paying off student loans

10. You'll become Miss Congeniality

11. That you'll be full of sass

12. You'll definitely get your dream job

13. You'll do stupid and dangerous things

14. You'll mess up your exams

and your degree... and your life

15. That you'll never understand university rules

16. You'll bring too much stuff from home

17. That having a part-time job will affect your grades

18. You'll become interested in your fitness regime

19. You will make your only friends in the first few days

when in fact, you'll make them throughout the entire three years!

20. You'll do anything for free food

because you are so hungry and poor

21. That you need to pay for extra personal insurance

Because you'll break things all the time NOT.

22. That you'll procrastinate too much

Only when it really counts

23. You have to have a special talent or ability

24. You have to go clubbing every single night

Maybe Fresher's week, but it does calm down after that

25. You'll spend all of your time having sex

26. You will do anything instead of your coursework

27. You'll find your life partner at the SU

More like your shot buddy

28. You won't like living in shared accommodation

Its not that different to Halls really

29. That you'll hate on people for no reason at all

Actually, this one is quite true, and throughout life too.

30. That there will be that one creepy person in the shared bathroom

31. That people will keep asking you to get a job

Okay, this isn't a myth I guess.

32. You think you can get a job the day after graduation

Which is nearly impossible

33. You'll live with weirdos in student accommodation

34. You'll be able to get money off of your parents the whole time

If your parents are the Queen or the Prime Minister

35. You'll become rich after getting your degree and earn millions

Meh, more like earn a tiny bit more than your non-educated peers

Every undergraduate who starts a degree will undoubtedly believe all of these university myths. How many did you think were real?