41 Life hacks for students at university

Students, especially Fresher’s, need all the life hacks they can to get through three budget-saving years at university, and any life hack will save time, money, and effort!

1. Only listen to life advice lamp when necessary

2. If you go marker crazy in your uni room

And you're thinking about your deposit

3. Sliding down the stairs is much quicker than walking every morning

4. And if you want a phone stand but have no supplies

5. Can't get the cork out of the bottle?

6. Or stuck for space?

7. If it is your time to mow the student house grass?

8. And any apocalypse tip has got to be a good one

9. No time to peel a potato?

10. Don't freeze the whole bottle

Crush up the ice to get access to water at all times

11. Tea bags help to diffuse smells

12. Scissors at dinner is a must

13. Use a glass to peel mangos, avacodo and kiwi

14. And use a drill to wash up!

15. Tie string to the ring and then round your finger if a ring is too tight

16. Use a balloon to park in a tight space

17. And a water bottle to suck up the yolk

18. If all else fails, use a fork to brush your hair

19. Okay maybe that isn't a good one

20. Roll all your clothes to save space in your small room

And nobody likes to fold up anyway

21. Use up all the space in your luggage wisely

22. Maybe don't tell anyone about the wine in your shoes

23. Place nachos effectively to get all the good stuff on every chip

24. #NachoLonelyNoMore

25. Use two plates to cut the tomatoes and grapes straight

And in no time!

26. Use bulldog clips for a DIY phone stand

27. Pin Post-it notes for reminders

Maybe not to your skin though

28. Use those trouser hangers effectively!

29. Or even an empty toilet roll

30. Pen clips are great for keeping your page in a heavy library book

31. I hate it when I use the post-it note the wrong way round

32. Never miss that 9am lecture

Or wake up and choose to miss it anyway

33. Get your friends to sign you into the 9am lectures you miss!

34. Bounce all the batteries in the house

35. Bathe in deodrant!

36. Nobody can afford those Apple chargers mate

37. Get the perfect fried egg

38. Test this one out

It may work differently for each person

39. Be careful - apples also have a lot of fibre

40. To keep up your reputation at uni

41. Do not waste money on whiteboards and markers, DIY

What life hacks from the list were your favourites?