48 Things You Could Have Bought with Your Student Loans

Here are some of the things that you could have bought with your student loans if you didn’t go to university and saved all of the money you would have used to pay off your debt. The current average debt for undergraduate students is £44,035, and here is what you could have bought with student loans…

1. 40 tickets priced at £1,100 to see Adele

And they would be the best seats, right at the front by the way. At the O2.

2. 7,351 copies of the Hungary Caterpiller book

Because we all need to know what happens at the endwhen he ate all that food

3. This flat by Bond Street, London for £997 per month, and live there for 44 months, or 3 years and 8 months

4. Go to Ibiza on holiday 109 times

5. Buy 4 of these jet skis which cost £10,500 each

6. Buy 7,351 months, or 612 years of Netflix subscription

7. Or buy 2,591 pizzas from Dominoes

I'd choose Texas BBQ

8. How about two Rolls Royce?

That are under £20,000 each

9. A 3D, curved, Ultra HD, LED and 88" inch Samsung Television. Twice.

You could buy two of these and have money to spare

10. Jimmy Greaves' World Cup Winners Medal

He recently sold his for £44,000

11. 6073 Spork 4 Packs

Who doesn't need a spork in their life?

12. 629 Tumbling Hearts Pandora Charm

Not as much as we thought...still quite a few though!

13. 54 iPhone 7's

Earbuds not included

14. 22,128 tubes of Pringles

Never go hungry again

15. Four copies of the 'I Am Rich' App

The most useless app of all time can be yours four times!

16. 2,098 Tamagotchis

One of them has to live!

17. 440,350 Freddo Bars 10 Years Ago

Back in the day...

18. 176,140 Freddo Bars

Not as many...but still quite a lot

19. 5 Vauxhall Corsas

Who wouldn't want 5 of them!?

20. 1,048 copies of FIFA 17

You can get thrashed in 1048 different games!

21. 31 Ten Stop Round the World Plane Tickets

Steve Coogan eat your heart out!

22. 4,021 Assorted Dozen Krispy Kreme Donuts

Think of the calories!

23. 14,727 Big Macs

McDonalds will be happy!

24. 9,785 Lynx Africa Body Wash Set

9785 Christmas Presents sorted!

25. 12,231 Pints of beer

You may...get drunk

26. 772 Nuffield Health Gym Memberships

Get fit!

27. 284 GoPro Cameras

Fairly useless...but still...284 of them!

28. 11,588 Pokémon XY Break Through 10 Trading Card Booster Packs

You'll need a few elastic bands for these!

29. 54,364 FIFA Sticker Packs

Sticker book swag coming out!

30. 181 Glastonbury Tickets

Let's hope Lee Nelson doesn't gatecrash this one!

31. 7,339 Andrex Toilet Tissue Roll Packs

Never run out!

32. 278 Fitbit Super Watches

Plenty to give away!

33. 176 Yeezy Boosts

Yeezy Yeezy what's good?

34. 2,813 Ink cartridges

Now you just need the paper...

36. 2,258 Hoverboards (With charger)

Peak Douche-baggery achieved

37. 550,437 Lego bricks

Just don't step on them...

38. 328 Amazon Kindles

That's quite a few books

39. 37,961 litres of unleaded petrol

No more running out of petrol now!

40. 7,339 Tesco Imperial Vodka

Who could possibly say no?

41. 1,467 Cirocs

Get the bottles poppin'

42. 20,107 Ultra Safe Condoms

Just to be on the safe side!

43. 63,818 Phone Apps

Might need a few phones for this one though...

44. 62 Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s

Just watch your ears...

45. 11,933 bottles of Emergency Burn Gel

No reason for this to follow, move along....

46. 73 Engagement Rings

There's always a way to the heart...

47. 2 Weddings

If you need...

48. 1 University Degree

Thank you very much

What would you have bought with your student loans?