9 First world problems that get you down

With all of the technology and things trending influencing us everyday, there are things that happen that are just first world problems that get us down.

1. There isn't anything to eat in the fridge

2. You put too many hashtags on

3. You threaten to ring childline when your parents don't give you more money

4. Your friend won't give you their password to their Netflix account

5. You ran down your iPhone battery before a long commute

6. This message: 'Buffering...'

7. You've come to grips with the fact that the number of followers will never be higher than who you're following

8. You accidentally read a meme online that gave away the ending to Breaking Bad - before you watched it.

9. Your hashtag doens't exist yet.

What are your first world problems? Tweet us @officialunicomp with the hashtag #firstwordproblems (This hashtag does exist!)