9 ridiculous student meals you’ll love

Unfortunately you won’t become the next Gordon Ramsay when you start at university, and although you feel that you will somehow survive without knowing how to boil an egg, you will become adventurous when it comes to your student meals, and your relationship with food will change, probably not for the better!

1. Pot noodle, every day

2. Any meal with stolen food tastes twice as good

3. Anything that is simple to eat

4. Anything with cheese - cheese is a meal right?

5. Yep, definitely cheese. More cheese, please!

6. Anything secretly consumed - during class or in your dorm

7. The meal you have in the super saver menu is just depressing

But you get it anyway

8. And you'll attend stupid events to get to the free food

Just so you can eat dinner

9. And all of these meals will affect you for days to come