22 of the best things about attending university

Apart from a sense of freedom and moving to a new place, there are some other aspects that we consider to be the best things about attending university! Read our top list below!

1. You will master your ability to drink a lot in a short space of time

2. You'll work out how to entertain yourself on a low budget

3. Student loan day is the BEST day about university

4. And the money will only last a day too

5. Listening to the 'problems' of your housemates will make you feel better about your life

6. You will master how to pull an all-nighter

7. And never be able to remember a time in your life where you ate so much pizza

8. You will fill yourself with motivation to get up for that 9am lecture

And sometimes it will work

9. You ignore the third years when they tell you a dissertation kills your soul

Until you get to the third year

10. You become an imaginative inventor

11. And won't feel bad about not speaking to every dorm mate every day

12. You somehow manage to compliment yourself, even on bad days

13. If you're feeling emotional you can sneak away to your room

14. You find creative ways to get what you want

15. And master how to get some last-minute loan from your parents

16. You never knew what working under pressure meant until now

17. And you still can't believe it when you get a first

18. You become tougher and strong-willed from the lack of sleep

19. And are able to work through the toughest situations

20. You realise that Wednesday and Thursday isn't typically a night to go out

But you do anyway

21. You love getting to the library first and watching the rest come in like:

22. And your fancy dress game is so sassy