The day before student finance

When you become a student you begin to log how many days it is until your next loan instalment, and sometimes it can be really tough to realise how long you have to wait. Here is the day before student finance in emotions.

1. Disbelief

2. Sighing because you survived

3. Upset that it isn't tomorrow already

4. Doubtful

5. But we can all dream

6. Planning how you're going to spend your money

7. And knowing what it's going to feel like

8. It nearly knocks you over

9. Pure utter joy

10. You continuously peek at your bank account online

11. And begin to think about all the money you're going to have

12. Or not have because you forget about bills and stuff

13. Maybe you can run away from your problems?

14. Either way, on student loan day you're going to be an OG fo' sho'

How much are you looking forward to receiving your student finance?