Exam Questions that confused the world in 2015

As we start a new year we’d like to reflect on the top exam questions that confused the world in 2015. We all like to think of ourselves as savvy, smart and intellectual beings, but these perspectives can be easily brought down when the internet provides us with difficult questions. How many of these exam questions did you get right last year?

The 50 Cent maths question

Is the answer: 12, 30, 36, 60, 72? High school students complained it was too difficult

The Crocodile maths question

The pass marks on a Scottish Higher Maths exam had to be lowered because of questions like this!


The internet was not happy when the teacher marked him down for this!

True or False?

What would you write down? This was a question a Film Student had to answer...

Cheryl's Birthday

Did you work out Cheryl's Birthday? We're not sure if we have the right answer, but we do know that Cheryl is being far too difficult than she needs to be!

What were your answers for the exam questions above? Let us know by commenting with your answers below!