25 examples of how uni isn’t what you expected

The excitement of starting university tends to stay with you long after Fresher’s week hangovers have dispersed, and although you can never really guess what being a student will feel like, there are times when uni isn’t what you expected. Here are the top examples of when university, or your course has let you down!

1. You probably won't have that lifetime romance

But you will chat up people at the SU bar

2. That you won't look as cool as you think you do

3. That everything you say will be important and relevant

Especially in lectures, when you put your hand up you had a really coherent point to make, but now you are saying nothing

4. That after a few weeks people still look the same

There are too many people at university to remember them all

5. That you will have a mini-breakdown at some point

Whether it is related to feeling homesick, finances or the pressure of university

6. It will hit you how much you miss home

Especially when your mum would tell you off about the dishwasher

7. You won't like everything that you see or do

8. You'll come out with a scratch

Definitely in some form

9. That all of your dreams about university were completely wrong

10. That you're not sure that you can do this

11. And that you are still a big fish in a small pond

When in reality, you're not even a Sea Monkey in a fish tank

12. You'll tell yourself you will exercise everyday

When you won't even step into the student gym once

13. You will most likely not be the player on campus

Not even close, mate.

14. You will not look after yourself or eat healthy for the entire year

Take-away food and cheese. You will somehow consume an unhealthy amount of cheese.

15. You'll have a few moments when you realise being a student isn't easy

And the not earning a lot of money part is the hardest to deal with

16. That your student loan won't last the entire term

You somehow manage to survive on minimal amounts of food for 8 weeks though

17. You tell yourself you'll get a part-time job

But you can never find time to even apply

18. Your parents expect you to get a career the day after graduation

19. You'll join a society - and actually turn up at events

The society-attendance rate is actually pretty low

20. You believe that you have it all figured out before Fresher's is over

21. You expect everyone else to be slightly less intelligent than you are

22. And you'll self-loathe more often than you did at home

Because you end up doing things only you can judge yourself for

23. That you are someone 'not' to mess with

Basically, you write passive-aggressive post-it notes and leave them lying around

24. You will not attend every single lecture

No matter how close you are, your bed will always feel safer than venturing outside

25. And that you'll become the master of every drinking game

When you can barely handle a dirty pint