What you expect revision to be like and it’s reality

By the time study week comes around before GCSE’s and A-Levels, we all have an idea of what it will  be like and swear on oath that we’ll follow the revision timetable that we spent 4 hours drawing up. However, here are 10 examples of what you expect revision to be like and it’s reality, because sometimes, it doesn’t work out the way it was planned!

1. Being able to study for long periods of time

2. Then realising how boring it actually is

3. Having a great study buddy

4. They'll probably just end up telling you how bad you are

5. Rewarding yourself with 'free time'

6. Which turns into whole sundays without any work completed

7. Being so productive in revising

8. And then realising you don't know a single thing

9. Being able to cram in a lot of information in a short space of time

10. And still don't understand a single thing

11. Everyone can sight read yeah?

12. Except for you of course

13. Being so surprised at how well you did

14. Or how well you didn't do

15. You're just going to be tired

16. And will end up crashing

17. But it's okay

What are you revision plans for study week this summer?