Fresher’s guide to food

Some students forget about the food aspect when it comes to going away to university, therefore, we have the ultimate Fresher’s guide to food for all first years who are yet to master the art of student cooking and food shopping!

1.Baked beans will become your life

2. If there is any free food - take it

3. Only eat what you need and save all leftovers

They will save you meals later on in the week

4. You will definitely eat things that are questionable

5. All of those takeaways will have an impact on your body

6. You will create inventive ways to cook when bored/poor/inadequate at cooking

7. You won't care what others think about your eating habits

7. When deciding which takeaway to have, you'll probably get both

8. You'll make up excuses when others are eating/ordering food, but really you are just poor

9. When you didn't overcook the pasta you'll feel amazing

11. Food shopping is expensive and you resent it

12. Bulk buying is the only thing that will save you

13. Save on washing up by using the packet(s)

14. Seriously, this is your dinner for 3 years

15. And this is your lunch

16. Chips will get you through allnighters

17. And you'll get sick of adding anything to pasta to make it into a meal

18. You won't know how to study without sugar

19. And this will become your bible

20. Anything toasted is instantly amazing

21. Pizza becomes your significant other

22. And noodles your best friend