Fresher’s pranks

Student nights and ‘meets and greets’ aren’t the only things that can occupy the first few weeks of university. With spirits stacked high and most young people enjoying themselves at the start of term Fresher’s pranks can and often occur. Here are some pranks to memorise and keep an eye out of because they could happen to you!

1. Replacing soft drinks with vinegar

2. Wrapping your friend's room in rollpaper

It may take time but their reaction will be worth it

3. Sticking sticky notes everywhere

4. Taping rubbish onto the dorm mates door

5. Taping cups outside the door

When they open that door in the morning... better get cover!

6. Making an unorganised mess

7. Filling the entire hallway with filled paper cups

... and wait

8. Filling your mate's room with salt

9. Putting all of your friend's furniture on the side

10. Sealing the exit

They will hate it when they wake up!

11. Wrapping everything in Aluminium foil

It is so shiny...

12. Pouring fake blood in the communal bathroom

13. Taping everything to the ceiling

Even better with the shared utensils in the kitchen

14. Putting notes on housemates doors

15. Hanging food from the ceiling

16. Placing objects around your passed out friend

Are there any Fresher’s pranks that you have been on the bad side on? Let us know below