11 Funny Dogs that are living a better life than you are

For some reason there are certain dogs out there that do things better than we can, and there are a few dogs that are living a better life than you are – which can be quite depressing. Take a look at these funny dogs and pups who are living in high society.

1. This dog looking peacefully into the distance

2. This dog that gets carried everywhere

3. Or this one with his own sports car... and driving goggles!

4. And this guy in his pore purifying bath regime

5. This dog with his own house

6. Diamonds are a dog's best friend

7. And so are boats I guess

8. This guy only uses expensive hair treatments!

9. This dog has a great chef and never goes hungry!

10. This puppy of leisure!

11. And this one has already become famous and received his 15 minutes of fame!