How students feel about student finance

Student loans seem to keep the majority of students afloat during their time at university and the jokes and memes about students and budgeting are in fact true. Money and student lifestle does not go together. At all. Here is how students feel about student finance and how much of their lives depend on that one pay day every three months

1. All you want is help

2. And you feel like you know nothing about finance

3. And you feel as if you're not talking to humans

After being on hold for 3 hours

4. But then the pay day is fast appraoching

5. And all of your aid comes at once

And you still don't know how you're going to live without it

6. The day that it arrives is celebratory

Nandos it is

7. And all of a sudden you have blown your entire week's budget

8. And why did you have to buy that textbook?

Especially when its the lecturer's!

9. After two weeks you have spent it all

And you spend the next three months poor again waiting for student finance pay day in January...

How do you feel about student finance?