Internet hacks for students

Studying for a degree can be a tough job for students, and the only thing that will make it easier – than just out right studying all day – are these internet hacks for students, which will save your life. Trust us.

1. Check second hand prices online and other students

Before buying your shiny new textbooks from the university bookstore which will cost you an arm and a leg, do some research and some yourself some dollar

2. Sign up to Amazon Prime as a student

Amazon prime is free for the first 6 months and then students get 50% off the annual fee. Kerching


Check out your lecturers at the beginning of the module on to see if previous students have tips to get in their good books and receive good marks!

4. Block websites and apps during study time

Blocking distractions and your ability to procrastinate might be that different between a 2:2 and a 2:1!

5. Listen to ambient and acoustic music whilst studying

Find study playlists that offer soft music in the background to help you study

6. Google Scholar

Check out Google Scholar as well as your own university electronic library for academic books and journals

7. Find your textbook on the internet

If you have just got to the university library and left your textbook you can type in the title and 'filetype:ppt' to find a version online

8. The gummy bear back-up plan

And if all of these tips fail, just place gummy bears around the page and start your journey!

Do you have any useful internet hacks for students? Let us know below!