21 Things students do on an Open day

Visiting one of your choices on your UCAS application will help to make your decision on what university to attend. Although the open day can be really helpful, there are certain things that every student does on an open day – both good and bad! Read the different possibilities below and find out what you might do!

1. Have a mini-breakdown at some point

And most probably in front of your parents too

2. Attempt to have a moment by yourself to process everything

3. Have a few seconds of disbelief

4. Fall in love with your new university bed in Halls

Knowing full well your mum won't tell you to make it everyday

5. Not care that the tour guide tells you about the community-feel around campus

When really you are dead inside.

6. Smell around the lecture hall to familiarise yourself with the fragrence

7. Daydream about your life as a student

And love every second of it

8. Instantly dislike one of the student tour guides

And judge them on everything they do during the entirety of the tour

9. See something that you don't quite understand

But feel too scared to ask

10. Ask a previous student how they managed to get drunk and still study

In case there is a secret out there somewhere

11. Do a double-take at the student bar

Is that really the price of the drinks?

12. Worry about those third-year reviews online

13. Ask a silly question to the course leader

And realise it wasn't even a question anyway

14. Instantly think about the societies you are going to join

15. Expect sassy comments from your parents throughout the whole day

16. Remind yourself that even though it is a scary experience - you can do it!

17. Remind your mum and dad that you're now an independent adult

As soon as you stepped onto campus

18. Not listening to an important part of the course discussion

You'll figure it out later

19. Find a lecturer's joke too funny to get ahead

20. Get overexcited at the cheap food in the canteen

21. Fall asleep temporarily during the finance talk