The stages of Fresher’s Flu

Fresher’s Flu is the only downside to your first few weeks at university, not every student gets Fresher’s Flu, however, with the drinking, partying and take away’s, you may find that it will creep up on you, here are the different stages of Fresher’s Flu you may find you’ll go through.


Drink away the pain

Is 'no' a word?


Mr. Grumpy

Is this the end?

Calling home

Then there was one

Fresher’s is going to a great time, and even though you’ll block out memories or try to, you won’t regret it. Stay safe and look after yourself, as you don’t want to be the only one in your Halls who gets Fresher’s Flu, as it may take you the next three to four years to earn a new reputation!