Student life hacks

Student life hacks are sometimes the only things that help students to pass those exams and to get that degree. They are little hacks that make life as a student that much easier and able to withstand. We have collected some of the best student life hacks and brought them to you below:

1. Stop yourself from snoozing the alarm

Attach drawing pins with sellotape to your alarm clock to stop yourself from snoozing ever again!

2. Save takeaway sauce pots for jelly shots!

Use them to create the best jelly shots

3. Use bulldog clips to save wires

You can keep them organised and not lose them to the back of the desk

4. Get creative to carry the shopping

Who wants to do two trips anyway?

5. Use bulldog clip to save beer

It creates space in the fridge and keeps everything in its place

6. Bring your plug point to you

With just sellotape and an extension lead

7. Use a post-it note to clean up

It will clean up all those lovely dead skin skills in a keyboard and laptop

8. Cool your laptop down with one of these

Use an empty cup holder and turn it upside down, then place your laptop on to keep it cool

9. Use a washing basket to carry shopping

Did we say how much we hate carrying shopping

10. Use can lids to create storage

Save the lids to the cans and get more out of your wardrobe

11. Save all of the crisps

Learn to fold the packet the right way so your crisps never go stale ever again

12. Use tupperware to cut fruit easily

Place fruit in between two tuppeware lids and cut through the middle

13. Who needs a holepunch? Just use a drill

Please use electrical equipment and tools responsibly

14. Use a can opener to open difficult packaging

Instead of hacking away with scissors.

15. Use the steam from the shower to iron clothes

Hang your clothes in the shower after you are done to save time and effort

16. If that fails use a hot saucepan

To iron out those creases

17. Save money and don't buy a tree

Use the lights to create an illusion

18. Make your alarm louder

Get to those 9am lectures by placing your phone in a glass to amplify the sound

19. Get the most out of the microwave

By placing two servings in there with thanks to the mug

20. Place the toaster on its side to create grilled cheese

Because who does not love grilled cheese?

21. Make a mug brownie

Because nobody has the time or effort to make a full batch and this way you don't have to share

22. Make scrambled eggs in the microwave

Just add milk, eggs, whisk and cook!

23. Invest in a laptop lock

To feel safe when taking breaks in the library

24. Place tights over the hoover to find lost items

The hoover will suck the items but you won't lose them in the hoover

25. Fold effectively to get more space

Because those wardrobes at university are so small

26. Heat up breakfast with your laptop

Who wants a cold sausage roll?

27. Fix the shower curtain with hangers

Use clothes hangers to fix that shower curtain that your housemate broke after a messy night

28. Save washing up with the cereal bag

If you have the mini boxes of cereals, save washing up by using the bag instead of a bowl

29. Use a tortilla to save washing up

Who wants to wash up anyway?

30. Use a pizza box to save washing up and create plates

Because seriously, who wants to wash up? And it gives you the excuse to buy pizza to try it out too!

Which was your favourite student life hack? Do you have any tips for students? Let us know by commenting below