The real relationship students have with their student bank account

Each and every student has a complicated relationship when it comes to their student bank account, and although you may feel you can work through it during the three years, there will be bad and good times – just like any relationship – when it comes to your student bank account.

1. Your account constantly reminds you that you didn't need those textbooks

2. You now realise it isn't good to have an overdraft

3. You still participate in the sales because you just HAVE to

Although your account does not thank you for it

4. Until one day something miraculous happens

And you thank the Lord Jesus

5. You will go weeks without checking it because you know Fresher's raped it

6. You know so many times you won't care about it

7. It holds you back too much

8. It always shocks you, pretty much, on a daily basis

9. You believe you have to buy something if they do student discount

10. You know that it will always keep your identity safe

11. Sometimes it feels as if there is no point in even checking the balance

12. And the one day each term you are in the black is a holy day

13. You wonder why you had to have all of those shots

And you remember its because you love being drunk more than life

14. Just wanting to double check it several times a day to see if it is still there

15. There are too many things tempting you, and you cheat on your account too often

16. You even told your friends to not let you do it

17. The day you can afford to go out and can't wait for your mate to ask you

18. Imagining made-up scenarios where you have more money

19. Every. Single. Day

For three years