The things on a book lover’s wish list

For the book lovers of the world, there will never ever be enough of quirky and lovely little things to prove how much we love literature! As a proud of bookworm these are the things on a book lover’s wish list which need to be bought for all of our kind (and soon!)

1. These really cool book marks!

2. Or these perfect lounge furniture?

3. Or how about these clever book lamps?

4. And this really cute bookshelf necklace

5. Take a look at this quirky upside down bookshelf!

6. Or this really helpful book lamp

7. We love this book duvet!

8. And the look of these floating bookshelves!

9. And everybody needs their favourite book cover around their neck!

10. Bookworms will love this book clock!

11. And these inspiring lampshades

12. And to be able to drink out of your favourite book!

13. A book nook for one...

... depending on the space you have!

14. And lastly this really clever book end!