26 things every drunk student does

Fresher’s week and cheap nights at the SU whilst at university make up the highlight for an undergraduate. Here are the best things every drunk student does during their nights out, and once the dirty pint has settled and taken effect.

1. Get drunk way before everyone else does

2. Admit that maybe you were too drunk

3. Okay, really wasted then

4. And you cannot remember anything that you did

5. And blame it on the shots

6. State that you meant to do that

7. And you are actually capable of looking after yourself

8. You'll be amazed at the most mundane things around you

9. And realise you are really quite drunk at 6pm

10. And maybe you should slow down

11. But you don't

12. And instead tell your friends how bored of them you are

13. And then have some more Sambuka

14. And take off some clothing that maybe you should leave on

15. Then wave off the haters because you are a drunk princess

16. You try to sneak a cheeky extra drink behind your friends' back

17. And try out your flirting techniques at the SU

18. And when you are the sober one, you actually hate life so much

19. And cannot understand what on Earth your friends are actually doing

20. But you secretly wish you were a celebrity

So all the drinks would be free, because you are a poor student

21. But you do know you are the best dancer at this club

22. And when you have nothing else to do, you just drink more

23. Even if you have to pretend the drink your friend made tastes good

24. And you make friends through your hobbies of drinking

25. And somehow someone let you outside when you were drunk

Which would not be a good idea in your state

26. But you never understood your limit anyway, so pour yourself another drink

And get on with the party

What do you get up to when you are being a drunk student? Let us know in the comments below!