21 things students really learn at uni

Obtaining a degree will give you more insight than how to apply for a graduate job after graduation day – if you want to find out what you can really learn at uni, then read our inspiring list below to find out!

1. General knowledge questions through the pub quiz

2. How to get things done quicker, but not necessarily safer

3. How to rock your look at the SU

4. That they will not enjoy every lecture

5. Everyone is a nerd in some way

6. You don't really have 'proper' fights at university

7. But somehow you feel trapped

8. You have enough time to hone certain uncommon skills

9. You love being a student but hate studying

10. You'll look stupid quite a lot

11. There will be certain things that make you happy but not your friends

12. Shopping, at any time, in any outfit, at any cheap store, is important

13. You'll feel overwhelmed sometimes

But that's fine - that is what all-nighters in the library are for

14. You'll get distracted more easily

15. Student loans are your only life line and you love them

16. But you forget that they are in fact a LOAN

17. You'll hate on several people in your class

18. And do anything that is free and slightly fun

19. A good day can easily turn into a bad one

20. And you'll mentally want to fight every one in your dorm at least once

21. How to put together a cheap but amazing fancy dress costume